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Water Jet Cutting

Take a closer look at some of the materials we process.


Cutting of:

  • Metal (Aluminum, stainless, copper, brass, to name a few)

  • Plastic

  • Granite

  • Marble

  • Foam

  • Wood


  • CAD and Nesting Services

  • And More!






Materials used in part production and prototyping are extremely critical. Waterjet cutting has virtually no limits as to what type of material we can cut. This aids in part production because you are not limited to a small selection of materials. Also many processes involve multiple steps. We can in a lot of cases eliminate multiple steps by providing blanks or plates with through pockets cut to size while leaving stock in areas for finish machining.


CAD Services

We have full 2D and 3D cad capabilities to handle virtually any type of project. Whether you have CAD data ready to cut or you need us to pull details from a 3D model. Or if you need us to generate models from drawing,  please contact us and we will respond quickly.


Typically, we will need the following information so we can provide you with a solid quotation:


Type of material

Raw stock dimensions



Part drawing

A print (or picture of print) or a CAD file in IGES, DXF, DWG, or Step format.


You can also email files (zipped if large) to



Waterjet cutting is a perfect fit for the aerospace industry. Composites, titanium, ferrous and non-ferrous metals or aluminum are easily cut with waterjets. Because waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process it does not affect the properties of the material.


Machine and fixture bases, gussets, fixture component blanks, and top plates are just some of the many types of parts that we regularly cut for the aerospace industry.


Signage and Architectural

Versatile and ideal for prototypes and short runs, architectural and decorative waterjet cutting allows for the easy, efficient, and fast cutting of complex shapes from virtually any material. From signs to decorative and functional internal and external features.


Some typical applications:


  • Sign faces (alum, plastic, steel and more).

  • Lighting fixtures

  • Push through letters

  • Sign letters (alum, mild steel, stainless steel, copper, silicon bronze and much more).


We can supply material and in some cases, specialty finishes. With full CAD design services, your drawings and ideas can become projects within a short amount of time.



Costs are reduced because fixturing is completed in minutes with no tooling charges. Component blanks are quickly cut with or without holes or clearance openings. Many parts are even cut with tap drill holes ready to be tapped.